Friday, May 30, 2008

Kids Buy What They See

It’s really easy to catch the attention of the kids. Let’s say, you are selling toys. Just place some really nice and eye catching ads between their favorite shows and your toys will be a hit.

Of course, your products must also be good. It must look very nice and attractive. Another thing of course is that the toy must have a defining feature that’s unique or at least attractive to the kids. Boys, for example, love cars. You can start with this premise and think of something that will make the little boys want to buy what you are selling.

When kids start seeing them always and they get hooked to the toy, there will be no stopping them from asking their moms and dads for one. And more often than not, parents would oblige, if not right away, at least eventually.


marketing course said...

hy there, its an interesting articles. of course, the most marketing strategy for children are, you must make they happy and enjoy. at the and, they will ask their parents to by your product. regards : solvado

Lieber Brewster Marketing said...

Nice article.Big brands are definitely targeting kids and the power of branding is amazing. That's why a 2-year old in a car can spot the golden arches of McDonalds 2 miles away.

Anna Lieber
Lieber Brewster, Inc
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