Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weddings: A Lucrative Business

When people get married they generally prepare a lot of budget for everything. While statistics show that there are quite many divorces and annulments, people essentially think this will happen once in a lifetime only. That is why they go all out with the expenses. All brides want the best dress. The couple wants the best food and entertainment. Aside from that the wedding expenses also include the flowers, photography, videography and many more.

As a budding entrepreneur you should find this as an opportunity. While it may be hard to cater all these services, you can find your niche and concentrate on that. If you are good at organizing and coordinating events, you can act as a planner and coordinator as well. Best of all, if you are good and become the best in your niche you can command a higher price because couples would be ready to spend on their wedding. This is an emotional cost to them more than really an economical one.