Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Is Good For The Business!

Christmas is a fun season. Christmas is a busy season. And Christmas is a good season for the business as well. That’s why many establishments really look forward for this season.

If there’s one thing about the Christmas season is that there are gatherings everywhere. Families get together. Classmates see each other. Friends reunite as well. And when there’s a gathering, there’s always eating. And so restaurants are always a full house during Christmas.

Resorts and hotels are a boom as well. Many families love to go on vacation during the holidays. They take advantage of their days off from work to spend time with their family. In fact, they want to take off from home to be with each other more and be free from chores at home.

And lastly, the transportation industry is quite busy too. People need to ride in airplanes, boats and buses to go to places. Others need to rent a car for long and short rides. With the many people going on vacation, it can really be hard to get a booking during these days.

If you are into any of these businesses, you should prepare well for this season to take full advantage of the demand. The more season highlights you offer, the more clients will come to you. And the more additional services you offer the better price you can demand. If you want to get into any of these industries, the Christmas season would be a very ideal opening date. But make sure to market your business well. Make sure it gets noticed. There’s no better start than to start well and prepared.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Without Delay, Without Opportunity Cost

In starting up a business or in running a business for that matter, delays are almost always expected. It doesn’t necessarily mean though that you should make it an excuse. When we have to wait on other people’s approval or delivery, we can only do so much. Other than our constant follow up, we cannot do anything more.

But sometimes the delay comes from us also. If this is the case, we should do something right away. We should remember that time is money. As we delay the opening of our business we postpone earning so much for this time. That is what we call opportunity cost. Even though we may not be incurring additional cash outlay, we lose the income we should be earning should we have opened sooner.

We should always keep this in mind. We should cut off delays. And we should start with ourselves. We should do and accomplish all that we can do fast and efficiently. As for our orders and other delays caused by others, we should patiently follow up on them and if necessary, threaten to cancel our orders to make them move and deliver sooner.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Commercialism

This entry may be a bit late. But anyway, here’s the tip for the season. Well, had you started planning earlier it would have been profitable to sell Christmas decors. Many people like to upgrade and improve or provide a different flavor to their decorations year after year. Christmas decors are truly a hit during Christmas.

Then as Christmas Day nears, people are getting busy finding gifts for their loved ones. There are many things to sell for this purpose. You just choose which income bracket you want to cater and there’s definitely a bunch of ideas out there. Electronic stores are even offering 0% interest on expensive gadgets these days. Expensive gifts are available and payable in 12 installments. It entices people to buy because these electronic items are certainly made affordable to them. They become good gifts for their husbands and for their kids. Appliance stores follow the same gimmick. Not only are customers buying appliances as gifts, many also get new ones to beautify their homes for this coming Christmas.

There are also affordable novelty items you can sell to everyone. During this season, everyone is buying gifts. So it is also good to provide the lower income level the goods they will enjoy and they can afford. Many go for cheaper items to stretch their budget and make sure every one of the relatives and friends get gifts from them. Some companies and people need give away items too.

For some people who want to earn a little with their small capital, you can even stick to making wrapping materials. Some simply sell gift wrappers and cards. Others make bags made of wrappers so they become ready to use. Others sell boxes as well. There are many other small items one can sell during this season. You don’t have to have a large capital. If you want to earn, just squeeze in whatever goods your capital can get. If you are selling what people need and want, you’d be surprised at how much you’ll earn this season.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Think Small, Think Retail

Retailing is one good line of business. Many people shy away from this because the income per unit sales is usually not much. However, many prosper in this though. The secret of their success is volume. If you want to earn so much, you have to sell large volumes.

With the economic crunch going on all over many countries, there is a consciousness for the value of money. To sell quite so a large volume, selling commodity items is a good idea. People need and use it every day. And they are likely to keep of buying such items.

But it doesn’t stop there. You have to be able to offer your products at a competitive price. People buy where they can get it at a lower price. They would want to stretch their budget to the fullest. But accessibility is also important. If you are nearer to your customers, a slight price difference may be overlooked. Convenience also accounts for the price. Of course, a good customer service would be a good come on. Customers definitely appreciate getting good service. They would like to shop where there is an aura of friendliness and perhaps community.

To succeed in retail, you have to choose the right products to sell. You have to offer competitive prices. You have to accessible to your customers. And you should provide good service. This list may not be comprehensive. But they are a few tips for people who would like to go into retailing.