Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day Care At The Airport

An idea just crossed my mind lately. I don’t know how original it is. And I have no idea if it is already being done. Well, families go to vacations together and part of that is going in and out of airports. But when you have let’s say 3 or more small children with you I think it would really be a hassle especially if you have so many luggage. An added burden would be dumped on you if your flight gets delayed. You would have your children running around, getting bored and maybe getting boisterous. If you are busy checking in or you are just tired from the whole vacation, wouldn’t it good if there was a day care center inside the airport?

How about that? With a day care, you wouldn’t have to risk losing one child because you were too busy with the other. You can relax a little while waiting for your flight. Your vacation would have less hassle and it would be more enjoyable as well, wouldn’t it?

I think there would be a demand for this service. It would be something worth looking into. As for now, this is just an idea in the brainstorming process.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Think of the Kids!!!

I have recently attended the birthday party of my nephew. And I just realized that there indeed money in anything that has to do with children. To begin with, there’s children’s clothing. Kids need new clothes very often. Even if their clothes are still fine and look new, they would need new ones because they are growing. After a year or maybe even after a few months their clothes might not fit them anymore. Kids also like to wear those cartoon or movie/TV character shirts. So whatever the hit programs are there’s always a shirt with its characters on it. That’s for sure.

Party materials also give you potential earnings. You have the party hats, party bags, balloons and party poppers. You also have those other materials you’ll need for the games. Some also prefer to use disposable plates, glasses, spoons and forks. These things may seem small but when bundled together, they actually cost real money. So this equates to more potential income for you.

Of course, when there’s a party especially birthdays, the guests need presents for the celebrant. So you can stock on toys for all ages, more clothes, educational items and even electronic games. You should provide choices for your shoppers by also giving them a choice when it comes to the price range. Not all can afford to give expensive gifts. Others also have limited budgets.

You can also display some candies and chocolates in your store. Kids would be going in. These would attract their attention. They would surely want to have some and they would ask their parents or any companion to buy them.

There are many items you can sell to kids. You just have to know what the hit shows are. You have to know what the latest trends in toys are. You also have to update your stock often. And lastly you have to make your place attractive to kids and their parents. If they enjoy going into your store, they will likely keep coming back.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Open It Right!!!

Starting out a business with a bang really gives it a very big leap right away. Although there would be greater risks in investing so much on a business right away, it really is worth it if this makes your market notice you and patronize you right from the start. You won’t have to wait long months and even years for the market to get to know you. Because you start big, they notice you and they get curious. They immediately check out what you have to offer. If they like it, then you are off to a very good start.

Some businesses also like to surprise the competition. They don’t announce that they will soon open their establishment until the day itself. This recently happened in my city. The competition was so surprised that I think they lost a lot of sales for a couple of days. It hit the market by a storm and its competitor definitely felt it. But this was only successful because it was a well known company. Had it been a very fresh name, I don’t think that strategy would have been successful.

But take this cafĂ© restaurant for example. Its business owners put out a sign even before the place is fully furnished. They fixed up the frontage. They made it visible to attract customers and to get them excited about their impending opening. In short, they are announcing it loud and clear that a new place is going to open. It is an open invitation to everyone to try their place once it’s opened.

These are just a few examples of the different approaches one can take. But you shouldn’t just choose one randomly. You have to make sure that the strategy you are taking is best suited to your business based on its strengths and weaknesses.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Location, Good Business!!!

Location is very much important in every business. It’s important that you are near or at least accessible to your customers. Convenience really matters to every customer. If going to your store, office or establishment is easy you will automatically be the choice of your potential customers.

Location has a very big impact on the business. It is important that people can see your place so they will know that you exist. I was going around the city one night when I discovered this small bar.

It was located in the city stadium. And it was in the part where it was facing away from the main street. You will not see it unless you go inside the stadium’s premises and go around. It’s not really the main downtown area. In fact, it’s more of a residential district which consists of below middle class citizens. The stadium doesn’t have so much going on so not a lot people go there.

RESULT: Only one table was occupied.

Perhaps if more shows, concerts and ball games are held and more people will discover the place, it may become crowded. As for now, it’s a pity that people don’t even know of this bar. It’s simple but it has a potential. It could be a nice hangout for friends. Of course, one solution for them could be advertisement. For now, this is just to illustrate the impact of location on your business.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Garbage Money

There’s money in garbage. It’s something many of us should remember. While we are throwing away every little thing we don’t need, others are earning on them. If we want to earn on our waste, there are two ways to go about it.

It is so easy to do. The very basic thing to do is segregate our trash as we throw them. We must separate tin cans, plastics, bottles, jars and even newspapers. Then we can sell them to agents of recycling companies who make use of them in making other new products. But we should not be limited to these items only. We can also collect our old clothes, old appliances and other items we don’t need. Then we can put them up for sale in a garage sale. In our place, there are several guys who go around and buy old newspapers, metal and tin cans. Some individuals also go around and exchange their crops for old clothes.

But if you want to really earn big, you should be the one buying these waste and old items from these collectors. You won’t have to go house to house. It would be the work of these collectors to buy the items from the homes. You only have to buy them from the collectors. And all you have to do is pass them all together to the buyer. Buy them at such a small price and sell them in big bulk to recycling companies for a higher price. The bigger the volume the higher earnings you will get. That is the secret there.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

After The Holidays

Well, the Christmas Season is now over. But this should not be a reason for our sales to go down. If we offer products that customers need and customers love, they will definitely keep coming back to us. That is a sure thing. On our part, we should not stop giving them reasons to keep coming to us either.

If you have a restaurant, perhaps you should come up with a new dish or even an array of diet for those who want to shed those extra pounds they have gained during the holidays. So even if they wanted to be on the watch of what they eat, they will still come in. They will even be encouraged to come to you more. Not only are you enticing them to come so you would earn more but you are actually helping them go back in shape.

During Christmas people are bound to spend more than usual. It would not be a surprise if some would be on a tight budget after the holidays. Offering sale discounts will surely be highly appreciated. It doesn’t matter what you sell, it will be a good come on to everyone.

It would also be good to stock up new items. People are always excited to see what is new. The “New Arrival” sign is really a good sign for shoppers. Since it is a start of a new year many people would also like to start it with new things. Also, it helps keep your store thrilling. Customers would always look forward to going to it because you always have new things to offer them.

There are many different tactics you can apply. But always remember to suit to your customer base and to the season. You should always take into consideration the situation of the market and the circumstances of your customers.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Reaping Great Rewards

Introducing a new concept is a good idea. But it takes a lot of work. You have to market the idea. You have to introduce your brand. And you have to take your customers to your location.

Before you even open your establishment, you have to talk to many people and slowly introduce the concept. You have to make everybody understand how this works and how each and every one will benefit from it.

Not only that, you have to introduce yourself. Meaning, you have to show your potential customers the service they will get. They have to realize their need for your product or the service you will render them.

Once they have assimilated this information, it is time to tell them where your establishment is located. It’s quite important that you are accessible to them. Since it will be something new to them, you have to go to them instead of them coming to you. This will make you appealing to them. Not only will they benefit from your service, taking of advantage of it is also easy to do.

Yes, it takes a lot of effort. But if you become successful in this endeavor, you will also reap so much reward from it. Being the innovator, your brand will be synonymous to your product or your service. This will mean more customers and more repeat customers. And naturally, this will be mean greater earnings later on.