Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reaching Out to Customers

Every business needs to reach out to customers. You as the owner or perhaps your staff should see to it that you have a way of reaching your clients. It should be standard procedure to take not only the names but also contact numbers and even email addresses of clients. You should get them from new customers so you can promote your business to them. And you have the more reason to collect contact info from repeat customers. Since you know that they already like your products or services it would be easier to sell them new products or services in the future.

You would also need to have such information to inform your clients when their orders are ready. There would be clients who forget about their orders. And there would be some that for whatever reasons need some reminding before they collect their orders. If you have their contact numbers, you can simply give them a call and tell them politely that their order is ready. This way the money of your business will roll faster. It won’t get stuck in uncollected orders and inventory.

As a business, you should be aggressive in getting to your customers. You should not wait for them to come to you. Instead you should give them a nudge so they will come to you quicker. And for promotions, you have to give them a reason to need your products and services. They will surely appreciate your business if you are constantly providing them with what they need.


Shakadal said...

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Christopher J Bergeron said...

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MrDZYN said...

Everything you said in your post is true, but even so, it's important to contact customers/clients in the way that works best for them. Some want a quick email to their blackberry, some may want a phone call, etc.